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Glenn Thake[WagWan][Main Stunt guy..]

To Apply To Join The Crew Please Use The Apply Box Click here   or talk to Glen Thake.

Welcome to Scol Jackass site.

We dont use any fancy stuff to film,edit school jackass all we use is a W910i Phone And one filmer [me] and 1 other pepole just doing random stuff. To edit all i use is my phone editor software and windows movie maker. Somtimes we will film out of school and that will just be jackass but it will still be on this site.

  We have 4 pepole in the crew currently [including me]
The Crew:
Glenn Thake [Wagwan]

[we are looking for 3 other pepole for more info on the right text]

This Site Will Get Better And Better With More and more fetures as time goes by, i will start editing more in the christmass holiday [from 19th december] to try and add the final first desighn before 2009

after that the site will just go under slight tweeks to make it look better or work faster. our Downloads will be complete by 2009 and all videos filmed in 2008 will be added by 2009.

this site will stay the same desighn [red with links up top] untill at the most end of 2009.

more info on the construction of the site HERE